Elaine A. Miller | PRESIDENT 

Elaine is the President as well as co-founding partner of SUNCOAST ARCHITECT.  She has over 30 years experience, having performed design, development, general contracting, consulting and/or project management in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nebraska, Louisiana, Texas and Florida. She has worked as a team member on multiple-year, complex projects and as lead Architect for AIA-award winning projects. She has the ability to assimilate complex client needs into reality, as evidenced by her diverse project types such as the Chicago Hospitals, Federal Reserve Bank, Board of Trade, Betawest Communication, Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Delta Airlines.

Elaine was valedictorian of her class at the internationally recognized Illinois Institute of Technology, founded by Mies Van Der Rohe of the Bauhaus School of Design. The mantra “Form follows Function” is even more relevant today, with the integration of not only Green building technology into structures but more expansively the inclusion of site development into Low Impact Design methodologies.



Sean p. Brown | vice-PRESIDENT

Sean is the Vice President and co-founding partner of SUNCOAST ARCHITECT.  He is involved in all phases of the firm’s projects as well as managing the day to day operations of the firm.  

Sean is a Graduate of the State University of New York College of Technology at Alfred, well known for providing its students with a comprehensive architectural education by combining an understanding of the philosophy of building design with an applied technical knowledge of construction systems and materials acquired in a technically oriented studio structure.

Sean’s experience includes both commercial and residential projects with an emphasis on estate homes and waterfront permitting.  His strengths include; programming and site-specific planning, project management, contract negotiation, construction administration and technical consulting.

Sean is also the Vice President of Elevating Englewood Florida, Inc. and the President of the Leadership Englewood class of 2016.  He is on the Board of Directors of the Englewood Innovation Center and is a member of the Englewood Florida Chamber of Commerce and Charlotte Desoto Builders Industry Association. 



SUNCOAST ARCHITECT collaborates with the Owner, Engineering Consultants and Contractors from site evaluation through the completion of construction.  Stressing the TEAM approach, our staff is involved in all facets of the project to confirm that the project meets the program needs, budget, schedule and desired aesthetics.      

From rudimentary sketches through the use of BIM technology we meld tried and true design techniques with modern design tools.  The use of technology allows both the Architect and their consultants to design building systems with greater accuracy and the tools necessary to better communicate design intent to the TEAM with high-quality, near-photorealistic 3D and 2D design visualizations.